Saturday, June 18, 2011

Flour blends and Baking mixes

There are a lot of great mixes and blends on the market now a days but they are not all suitable for all needs. I was recently asked/offered to make a gluten free cupcake tower for my mothers wedding and learned that a light flour makes a light cupcake and a heavy flour makes dough balls. Now I love Bob Redmill mixes and all purpose blend but like many other gluten free bakers I find the bean flours to heavy in both texture and flavor for delicate flavors such as my raspberry lemonade cupcakes and my local stores always seem to run out of the coveted King Arthur gluten free flour so what was I to do?
Well I had to go back to basics you know before so many companies jumped on the gf band wagon and blend my own flour. Now there are many complicated 15 ingreident blend recipes available but mine is so much less. I use only 3 ingridents and find the texture very nice. i feed my test cupcakes to the neighbors who are not gf but have fallen in love with my baking on first bite so I decided to share my blend enjoy
Baking Flour Blend

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