Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Katz Gluten Free sample Pack

I ordered the free sample pack from Katz the other day. I was curious about their product and figured for less then 9 dollars shipping i would get to try a variety of their products at once. I actually loved this idea as their are so many lines out there now where I like 1 or 2 things they make and not other things. I was very excited to receive my package a few days ago but have not tried anything yet.

The package came loaded with items and the location of a store near me that carried their line so I could avoid shipping costs.

Of course I can not write a true review without try the products and in the time it has taken me to upload photos and write i have eaten the chocolate rugelech which was totally delish, but I love chocolate so maybe I need try something else to bias.

So I am now on the cinnamon one which tastes just like cinnamon roll without icing but it doesnt really need it. It was soft and crunchy and even better than the chocolate one. I can not wait to try other goodies from my package.

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Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for the review, and the comment on our website!

If you would like to review some of our newer products, please drop us a line,

thekatzman at katzglutenfree . com!!

Thanks :)