Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dr. McDougall's All Natural Soups

Hey fellow GF'ers, Mel here with a soup review of Dr. Mcdougalls'. I was given three soups to try by my friend Terri and I was kind of skeptical about it at first. Soup in a box? Hmm....  I looked through her selection and picked out the following three soups.  Tortilla, Low Sodium Vegetable and a third regular Vegetable soup which my kids devoured.  So the third soup I will have to comment from a kid's point of view.  These soups can be purchased from the following stores and locations:  Trader Joe's, Walnut Acres, Westbrae Natural Foods, Health Valley Foods, Muir Glen, West Valley Foods and numerous other natural food vendors!  Each box will either serve two adults or two kids and a small adult portion.

 Dr. McDougall's Vegetable soup was by far my favorite.  I added rice.  Rice in its NATURAL form is GLUTEN FREE!  When you go to a restaurant they usually use chicken stock to cook it in for extra flavor.  I buy my rice at our local Korean foods market and read each package (thats in English) and look for NATURAL UNPROCESSED rice.  By adding just a few tablespoons to the soup and cooking it on the stove it was the perfect balance.  The flavor was great!  Not overpowering and salty like you experience with most canned soups.  I give this Vegetable Soup 4.5 out of 5.

The Tortilla soup was the first soup I tried.  I love tortilla soup but was expecting to much with this one.  The liquid portion is a bit viscous more than I like so I added some water to thin it out a bit.  The overall flavor was good but I was not impressed with the red beans. They had a bit of a chalky taste but the corn had a nice bite to it and was overall a good "quickie soup".  I rate this soup a 3.5 out of 5.


My daughters ate this one (ages 9 and 10) and then asked for more!  The vegetables were aplenty in this one!  Filling and satisfying and made "happy bellies".  My youngest is a very picky eater and I even gave her a 1/2 bowl as a second helping!  I was quite impressed with the willingness and ease I could incorporate GF into my children's diet!  They stayed full and even after 4 days of eating the soup our Campbells chicken noodle still sits in the cabinet (their previous favorite) and are pining for more!  I rate this a 5 out of 5 for its kid friendly flavor and vegetable intake!  KUDOS!

Hey Terri here if you would like a chance to win 2 boxes of Dr McDougall's soup leave a comment on this post by Thursday January 19 2012. I will randomly select a winner on Friday.

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