Saturday, June 14, 2008

menu swap for june 16-22

Ok so I am finally getting everything back on track in our house. The computer is working as well as the air conditioning. I start Italian classes this week as well as writing my first article for a new e-zine on vicenza life. I have also decided to fast this week to clean out bad food from my system. lol I don't know how it keeps getting in, well that's not true I do and I wonder how many more times am I gonna make myself sick before I accept this but enough of my drama.

Monday: salad for me and a grilled hamburger for the boy

Tuesday: salad again but i get some fruit to go with it yeah hamburgers for the boy again

Wednesday: juice only today so pasta for the boy

Thursday: grilled chicken for the boy with a salad for me

Friday: nachos with salsa and guacamole only mine will have no chips meat cheese or sour cream (oh wait that is a salad lol)

Saturday: breaking the fast to day with grilled scallops and a salad

Sunday: grilled chicken and salad

thank you to Natalie at Gluten Free Mommy for creating and hosting such an awesome event and i have really missed participating but i am back in the game and if you need a host for another week i would love to do it again.

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