Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So in search of new favorite spots I came across Friesenburgers on the find me gluten free app. The website is about as impressive as the location but you never know when a rock maybe a diamond so the hubby and set out to have lunch.
 I am so glad we did because this was one of the best burgers I have had since going gluten free. i have dreams of gourmet burgers but always end up eating mine with a fork and knife because buns are not an option or they fall to crumbs after 2 bites but not here.

They told me they only recently switched to these buns which tells me these guys have been researching to find the best products available. Also gluten free is not something of shame for them. their GF menu is not only prominently displayed next to the regular menu they had at least 5 copies. they also had a small selection of cookbooks to look at while you wait in which the majority where on gluten free. They use a dedicated fryer for the fries and griddle for the burgers and buns according to the website too.  I ordered the jalapeno jack burger with fries and a drink and also had their special fry sauce. My non-gluten free husband was thrilled with his bison burger on a gluten laden bun he only wishes he would have gotten cheese. Return trips are in our futures for sure.

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