Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Recipe Revamp Project

OK this is my last post for today probably. If you are a foodie like me you may have that collection of food magazines you are to afraid to toss because it may contain a recipe you might need later. Well the husband and i spent hours clearing clutter and decided that 80% of each issue is useless ads or article i won't read again so i clipped all the recipes i liked whether they were gluten free or not. Now i have decided to have Julie and Julia (ish) experiment. i am gonna work my way through these recipes with the goal of revamping and gluten freeing them as i go. I will be posting info on the original recipes as available and my revamped versions on here. If a recipe doesn't pass the family test (i.e my family does not like it) then it will be released from my growing collection.

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