Tuesday, March 11, 2008

first batch

OK so yesterday I was to sick to go to work in the morning. Then I found out that ds had a half day of school when I did get to work and my neighbor (who works with me) came in from her lunch break with dd. So I had to rush home to get ds; good thing i left the door unlocked for the housekeeper(that didn't show up because she didn't know about the half day either). Anyway so i decided i would use the afternoon to try making a batch of energy bars. Well that did not workout so well. My first batch was a flop but I did learn from it, so hopefully my second batch will be a success. I have to work so it will be friday before I get another chance.

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1 comment:

Vittoria said...

I've never made a successful energy bar, but I found this great gluten free, vegan protein powder that can be added to just about anything for an extra protein punch. It's made by NutriBiotic and I reviewed it on my blog.

The unflavored version is way better than the chocolate, and you can't even taste it when you mix it in.

Thought that might be helpful. :)