Saturday, March 8, 2008

the search is on

So I have been diagonsed for a year now but I am just at the point where i am accepting this as my life. I know those 2 people reading are thinking what is she talking. Well i am talking about the life altering little known autoimmune diease that is Celiac sprue. i mean are you kidding 30 years of eating whatever i want and now you tell me all my favorite cookies pizzas and pastas are slowly killing me. Ok but then i learn that gluten is in everything i eat, are you kidding. So now i am starting my journey of teaching myself a whole new way to cook, cooking the GF (Gluten Free) way. Also how to attend parties and functions without sacraficing.

So stay tuned as i figure this out


daveyboy said...

Hi Terri,
It's a whole different ball-game, I'm diagnosed since Nov 2005 and I am still learning.
I'm self taught as far as cooking and baking are concerned. I have my own site
Come visit I'll drop back often, just one suggestion keep your blog focused have a GF central theme and an occasional off-topic item, if there's too many things happening at once people get bored and log off!. David

Mimi to Ian said...

Gee what is the food in that looks delicious!


terri said...

mimi that food is my enemy spicy sausage egg and cheese wrapped in a crunchy flour tortila and heated up on a hot dog warmer at my local conviene store i posted the picture to remind me of enemy