Saturday, March 15, 2008

prepping for next week

So it is the weekend which means I need to shop and prep for next weeks meals. Yeah! Ok I was so excited yesterday because my grocery store had fresh coconuts and pineapple in, so I only had to buy canned mangos. I forgot how hard it was to crack a coconut though, so I only cracked one so far. I cut my hand on the shell doing that one but it will be worth it for fresh flavor instead of that dried over sweetended bag coconut. I will be posting pictures with my recipes throughout the week as these are new recipes to me. Keep your eyes out to see them and hear what i thought of the dish.

On another note though I was very tired last week and let ds eat school lunches all week. Well now I think he possably is a celiac too. So now I will have to watch his diet more closely to be sure and if I get an appoint with the gi doctor next time they come here I will talk to him about his symptoms.

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