Sunday, May 11, 2008

menu swap for may 11- 17

I am so excited to be hosting this weeks menu swap. I picked strawberries this week because the season is finally starting and the have just been calling my name. Strawberries are very low in calories but high in vitamin C and flavonoids. Flavonoids are a major antioxidant linked to protection from some cancers and heart disease. Strawberries are also a very versatile fruit as they can be used in sweet and savory dishes.

Sunday: mothers day brunch cheese blitz, fried potatoes, bacon, and eggs

Monday: spaghetti with homemade tomato sauce

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: carolina style baby back ribs with strawberry spinach salad

Thursday: hamburger steaks and french fries

Friday: cheese quesidila's with strawberry salsa

Saturday: sandwiches

my dessert for the week will be strawberry ice cream

This week I also have several culinary adventures going on so check in on them:
citrus dessert
cheese salad
2 new breakfast dishes
and more to follow

Manda over at Asparagus Thin has a busy week of exams ahead but plans on feasting on a wonderful menu of Korean, Indian, and Japanese. She is also very excited about how well her menu paired up from the market. I am personally hoping to hear more about those plantain chips with strawberry, tomato chutney.

Mary over at Gluten Free Cooking School has brightened my morning with some kind words as well as an exciting menu. She is also planning on testing some new items for her blog with the menu she has planned so keep your eye out.

Sea at the Book of Yum has a busy week and a wonderful menu planned. She also promises yummy new recipes to come, but needs lots of encouragement to find the energy to get through the week. So drop in on her and wish her lots of good energy.

Cheryl at the Gluten Free Goodness has an awesome menu up this week featuring fresh herbs from her garden. She is also calling for creative bakers in an awesome web event featuring oats to celebrate her birthday, so hop over there and check that out.

Esther blogging from the Lilac Kitchen has to work the late shift this week and has prepared a simple yet delicious menu. I look forward to hearing more about her cauliflower cheese and hope strawberries make it up north soon.

Gluten Free in the Greens has been playing around beans and has prepared a menu to highlight their flavor. She is attending a wedding on Saturday and has posted a question on gluten free wedding etiquette, so if you have any suggestion pop over there and let her know.

M-Elle has planned a light and healthy fare of salads over at Cooking & Uncooking. She went to the Canadian Celiac Association Conference in Victoria this weekend where she was able to indulge in lots of treats. Look for posts on the conference to come.

Karen at Gluten Free Sox Fan is suffering from lack of inspiration but still managed to pull together a scrumptious menu. She is also preparing to celebrate her nine year anniversary and more importantly ONE YEAR GLUTEN FREE yeah!! Also you can drool over her husbands furniture.

Fresh Ginger shared a wonderful memory with us growing up on a strawberry farm. What Fun! Unfortunately strawberries are not in season for her yet but she has some awesome meals planned including a buffalo wing cook off. So pop in and see what she is up too.

Sally at Aprovechar has an exciting menu focusing on locally grown vegetables and and getting away from processed foods. What an inspiration for me. She has recently given up sheep and goat dairy and is at a loss for some yummy dairy free/soy free cheese, so if you have a favorite drop her a line.


seamaiden said...

Hey there! Thanks for hosting! Here's my entry for this week:

I hope you'll post the recipe for that strawberry salsa!!!


Gluten Free in the Greens said...

Hey! Ditto from me--thanks for hosting!. Here's my menu for this week:

My husband will be drooling over your ribs recipe. Hope they turn out well!

M-Elle said...


your menu sound delicious...I'm dying to hear about the strawberry salsa!

My menu is posted at


Cheryl Harris said...

Hi Terri,
thanks so much for hosting! you have me down as the Gluten free godess instead of gluten free goodness...I wish I could say that I was the gluten free goddess, but that position is already well filled by the lovely Karina. =)

terri said...

thanks Cheryl and i apologize i am so sleepy fortunitly 2 hours to bed time

Anonymous said...

better late than never... here's my menu:

Thanks for hosting!

celticjig said...

Here's my menu for this week:
Thanks for hosting!

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Thanks for hosting, Terri. Here's my belated-as-usual-lately entry: