Friday, May 16, 2008

to market to market

This is by far my favorite market because it is small and only sells fruits, vegetables, cheese, etc. Italy is home to weekly markets and every town has their own but food stands tend to get lost among seas of clothes and home decor. Large markets can be very crowded and small markets hard to find. I was glad when I heard about this market on Saturday mornings in downtown Vicenza because I knew exactly where it was plus it was an all organic market. What could be better?

I found the most beautiful fruits and could not resist the fresh goat cheese. There was a vendor with different types of bread but unfortunately they had no senza glunetine (pouting).
If you would like to learn about other markets check out A Scientist in the Kitchen who hosts To Market, To Market as a chance for people to share markets in the areas they live or travel to. It is a great way to learn about different markets and to celebrate the tradition of farmers markets.

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gay said...

I want the fresh goat cheese too!