Sunday, May 18, 2008

menu swap for may 18-24

This weeks theme ingredient is avocados, what fun. I love avocados. They are high in potassium with 60% more then bananas. hopefully i will have time to create something exciting with them, but with my mom just leaving i have a lot of work to do around the house to start getting ready for hubby to come home in a couple months. Also I am currently working on several culinary projects as I keep finding new web events. I love these events because it pushes me to create, so check in and see what I have going on.

Sunday: chicken tortilla soup topped with avocado slices

Monday: cali style hamburger steaks with sweet potato fries

Tuesday: pasta with pesto

Wednesday: ribs yet again (they are my sons new favorite food)

Thursday: grilled chicken with salad

Friday: nachos with salsa and guacamole

Saturday: steak and salad

Dessert of the week is top secret right now you will just have to wait for the post

This weeks menu swap is being hosted by M-Elle at Cooking and UNcooking, so hop over there at check out what everyone else has planned.


M-Elle said...

I love your site set up! I always want to smile when I come and check it out. The chicken tortilla soup sounds delish, Enjoy!


Melisa said...

I'm new to GF eating and looking for menus and recipes. Can you describe the Cali style hamburger steaks? It sounds like something DH & DS would eat.