Saturday, April 5, 2008

menu swap for april 14th

The theme for this week is cornmeal and the swap is being hosted by Gluten Free Sox's Fan !! Yeah I love cornmeal because it can be used for so many different things. I had to add an extra day this week to get my menu back on track after my unexpected trip home.

Sunday: pork tamales with chile sauce, refried beans,and mexican rice

Monday: steak, cornmeal cheese fritters and asparagus

Tuesday: cornmeal crusted catfish, baked potatoes, and caprese

Wednesday: chicken and cornmeal dumplings

Thursday: cornmeal pizza topped with fresh asiago cheese and spinach

Friday: chicken fingers with toasted corn salsa, fries and salad

Saturday: chili and sour cream and lemon honey cornbread muffins
Sunday brunch: cornmeal and ham pancakes with fried eggs
Sunday dinner: tomato soup and grilled cheese (to give are tummies a break before next weeks exciting ingredient)

my dessert for the week will be chocolate polenta cake

OK so this was the menu i had planned for the week but have since decided a more low fat healthy menu is in order to combat a very long trip and the extra pounds that came with it so here is my revised menu

Sunday: shredded mexican flavored pork (the tamale filling) with roasted tomatoes and corn

Monday: grilled steaks and salad

Tuesday: grilled catfish with caprese

Wednesday: chicken and vegetable soup

Thursday: hamburger steaks topped with wilt spinach and asiago cheese and roasted potato wedges

Friday: grilled chicken fingers with toasted corn salsa and salad

Saturday: baked pork chops with roasted asparagus and rice

Sunday: vegetable soup

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Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

Your original meal plan sounds tasty (I'm about to check out those various recipes), but I think your healthier menu sounds more nourishing overall!