Tuesday, April 29, 2008

menu swap for may 4-10

This weeks menu swap is being hosted by Cooking Illustrated. She has a fantastic website and I plan on using her Creamy Dill Salad Dressing as part of menu this week.

Potatoes are this weeks theme ingredient. YEAH!! I love potatoes plus most varieties are high in (yep you guessed it) antioxidants. however my choices here are very limited I plan on using them to their fullest potential.

Sunday: baked potato soup

Monday: pork chops with chorizo gravy and rice

Tuesday: grilled steaks with twice baked potatoes and roasted cherry tomatoes

Wednesday: pumpkin gnocchi with cream sauce and Parmesan

Thursday: grilled chicken with a warm potato salad dressed with creamy dill dressing

Friday: tuna patties with macaroni and cheese

Saturday: eating out

now for the best part my dessert of the week is going to be potato candy (recipe to come)

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