Tuesday, May 8, 2012

KinniKinnick Toss Your Toaster Product Review.

Kinnikinnick released a whole promotion to build hype up for their new line of softer bread products. I have been a fan of many of their products so I was excited to try the new line. So did they live up to the self-promoted hype. For me yes and no. I tried the multi-grain bread and the hot dog buns.

I heated the bread up for about 10 seconds in the microwave because i am not a fan of cold bread (i keep mine in the fridge even the non-gf kind) then made me a sandwich with cream cheese and turkey pepperoni. Yes I like it my husband thinks it sounds gross. The sandwich was soft and tasty just as promised. I also loved the whole grain texture created with seeds. The chap-stick is just for size reference.

This sandwhich was so yummy I cannot wait for another. I also think this is a bread that my son would eat in place of his gluten filled whole wheat bread. I usually eat Udi's white bread and while I love it the slices tend to be on the small side and I defenitly have to toast it which sometimes leaves it a little too crunchy.

Now for the hot dog buns. I am a little torn on my feelings about these. Hot dog buns are hard to find so i love that they included them in this new line. my issue was they were a tad on the dry side but that could have been cause I got no chili. i was so eager to find a gluten free hot dog chili I forgot to check the meat. I can't remember what brand I bought but my sweet hubby was fast to point out that night that it had pork (another allergen of mine) in it. Oh well guess I will have to just keep making it from scratch. The bun was soft and very edible but slightly crumbly. Any experienced Gluten Free eater knows what I mean. While I will have to say they did not live up to the toss your toaster hype I think toasted this bun is still great. I actually used the other 2 buns to make garlic bread and was so amazing.

This line also has a hamburger bun and white bread i have not tried yet. With only 1 gf eater takes time to go through bread products since I also am trying to loss weight. Bread and carbs lead me to trouble.

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