Tuesday, May 8, 2012

small rant before a product review

I have received several emails in the past few weeks asking to advertise or buy space on my blog. I want to take a minute and say I DO NOT sell my blog space. I carefully reviewed the company that runs banners and selected a company that is relevant not only to food but runs her own blog. Secondly I do have a co-author but she is a close personal friend and receives no monetary compensation nor gives me any.

Now onto the topic of reviews. I do occasionally receive samples to review other times they are just products or restaurants i felt compelled to share. I always welcome companies to contact me with the understanding that I do not guarantee a timely or positive review. I have a life and sometimes a product must wait until I have time. I also try to point out positive features but I will not say I like a product I don't. I occasionally send the products to Melissa or encourage her to post items she has discovered but again she understand the reviews must be honest.

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